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New Members Join Emperium Studios for Children's Division Expansion

Emperium Studios is excited to announce the addition of talented individuals to our team, dedicated to enhancing our children's division. These new members have been brought on board to enrich our content offerings for children and families, aligning with our mission to create entertainment that resonates globally.

Meet Our New Team Members:

1. Ketisha Slaughter - Story Producer/Writer

Ketisha offers a rich background in child psychology and storytelling, stemming from her beginnings as a poet and screenwriter. Her journey took shape as she wrote scripts for her siblings to perform, capturing these moments with her father behind the camera. Immersed in books, her love for storytelling blossomed. Now a proud mother, she extends her passion by publishing her first children's book. With a history of creating compelling content for young audiences, Ketisha is ready to contribute to our team in crafting captivating narratives tailored for preschool children.

2. Meshach Malley- Story Producer/Writer

Meshach is a versatile professional in the realm of filmmaking, excelling as a writer, director, and video editor. With a BA in Cinema from Denison University, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his craft. Additionally, Meshach serves as a esteemed professor of Film and Media at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, where he imparts his passion for storytelling and visual arts to future generations. Proud to call Columbus, Ohio his home. Meshach will contribute significantly to our enhanced library of children's entertainment.

3. Richard Wright - Story Producer/Writer

Richard is a multifaceted creative talent, donning the hats of a writer, actor, artist, and poet. In 2023, he graduated from Central State University, where he pledged Iota Phi Theta fraternity and earned a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Media. Following his graduation, Richard collaborated with Emperium on a feature film project while immersing himself in the preparation for a role in a W.W.B Dubois play. Currently, Richard is passionately engaged in the creation of his debut feature film, alongside his commitment to contribute to Emperium's children's division. His focus lies on crafting content that deeply resonates with young audiences through meaningful storytelling.

With these talented professionals on board, Emperium Studios is poised to diversify its content portfolio and deliver enriching experiences for children and families around the world. Stay tuned for the futre of Emperium Studios.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact our press office at

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