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Film History Made in Columbus, OH

Columbus OH (11.16.2023) - Emperium Studios, a thriving independent film production company, has achieved a significant milestone by selling out the premiere screening of their latest feature film, "Affliction: Toxic Misery," which was filmed in the heart of Columbus. The film depicts the journey of a successful real estate professional whose charming personality eventually plunges him into despair.The premiere took place on November 11, 2023 at the Phoenix Lennox Theatre. This marks the company's fourth successful premiere since its establishment in 2020. Notably, Emperium Studios has been committed to utilizing local resources, including crews, vendors, and talent, throughout its productions. Despite its foundation during the pandemic, the company has continued to foster the development and production of engaging and locally-rooted films in the vibrant city of Columbus.

The President and CEO of Emperium Studios, Dom Campbell, a Columbus native, has dedicated himself to illuminating the talents of the often-overlooked artists. Through collaborative efforts and investment in the Columbus community, he has built an empire focused on creating thought-provoking, culturally relevant, and entertaining movies and series. "I didn't know my life would change when I picked up a camera when I was 12 years old," Campbell expressed. Now he finds himself influencing the lives of others as he has been influenced. Columbus' independent film community has often found itself marginalized due to major studios capitalizing on tax benefits, and at times, film commissions failing to fully support the local scene. Columbus, historically known for its dearth of locations, financial resources, and talent, has experienced a recent revitalization within the community.

Emperium Studios has emerged as an integral part of this resurgence, contributing to a renewed energy and vitality in the local film industry. The company boasts a remarkable total of 5 films currently available to audiences, with one releasing 2024. The local premieres of 4 of these films have been nothing short of extraordinary, consistently selling out and leaving audiences in utter amazement. In addition the films Emperium has rolled out a Children Series titled 'A Kid Named Bug' starring Dom Campbell son 'Dewayne J Campbell'. The show aims to teach children computer science with fun adventures in the cyber verse. Campbell plans to expand his children division to diverse the content Emperium currently puts out with a focus on Kids shows, Books, and games.

The company's overall mission is to continually produce high-quality content for the TV and film industry, establishing a sustainable Hollywood culture locally. Campbell's commitment to these endeavors is evidenced by his proactive approach in sourcing resources, engaging recognizable out-of-state talent, and maintaining a consistent release schedule. Emperium has also secured multiple distribution deals, enabling the company to efficiently produce and deliver content directly to the market. By bypassing the traditional festival circuit, Emperium's films have garnered significant viewership, reaching millions through prominent streaming platforms such as TubiTV, a company under the Fox umbrella. The remarkable achievement within just 2 years stands as an unparalleled milestone in the annals of Columbus, OH. With each film achieving resounding commercial success, a children's division engaged with the youth and the ability to maintain an impressive momentum and release schedule. This sustained success has emboldened the company, positioning it with a sense of confidence as it advances towards larger budget productions. This development promises an exhilarating outlook for forthcoming cinematic endeavors, heralding an era of expanded employment opportunities within the local community and reinforcing the studio's integral role in shaping the regional entertainment landscape. ###

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