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"Affliction: Toxic Misery" made a resounding impact on Tubi following its debut on February 5th, 2024, weaving a tale of love and deceit that captivated audiences. The compelling narrative of Shawn Reed, portrayed by the talented James Perkins, navigating treacherous waters of deception, left viewers spellbound. Behind this cinematic gem stood the visionary Lee Foster, the collaboration with Dom Campbell, and the directorial prowess of Antonio Davis, crafting a masterpiece that resonated with viewers.

The film's meteoric rise to the top charts on Tubi, claiming the #1 spot in Thriller, Romance, and Most Popular categories on February 12th, 2024, stands as a testament to its gripping storytelling. Audiences continue to shower praise on "Affliction," with demands for more echoing across social media platforms.

Embracing this success, Antonio Davis shared his gratitude, stating, “With the man above & the amazing crew I worked with, it’s a surreal feeling having the number 1 movie on a platform like Tubi." Antonio's dedication and talent shone through in bringing this riveting story to life.

Lee Foster, the creative force behind the captivating narrative, shared his perspective, “Right now, I'm focused on pushing 'Affliction.' There are films I have in my mind, but I just want to focus on how to get 'Affliction' in more homes." Lee's dedication to ensuring the film's reach reflects the passion and commitment that went into creating this cinematic marvel.

As Emperium Studios celebrates the success of "Affliction: Toxic Misery," the collaborative efforts of the entire team and the belief of executives in the film's potential are lauded. Fans eagerly anticipate more captivating tales from Emperium, as the studio continues to redefine storytelling in the digital age. This marks film #5 for Emperium Studios and Homestead Entertainment together.

Experience the thrill and intrigue of "Affliction: Toxic Misery" by streaming this must-watch film on Tubi TV, starring a stellar ensemble cast. Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of content from Emperium Studios by subscribing to, where storytelling thrives and imagination knows no bounds.

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