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Emperium Takeover: Volume 3


Emperium Takeover #003- Summer Hustle


WHOOPS! Did We forget a Month??

I guess we have. That shows how busy we have been over at Emperium Studios. As the summer comes to an end, we prepare for our fall & winter releases. Hope you're excited as much as we are!


Latest New's At Emperium Studios


Temporary Suspicion is ranked 'Most Popular' on TubiTv after 1 month of its release. Director, Writer, Producer, Dom Campbell take us behind the scenes on how the film was created. Campbell quote "I wanted to make something different", and that he did. In the mystery/thriller film Robert Holding played by Jordan Walker search for answers on why everyone forgot who he is. Detroit stars Crystal 'The Doll' Hughes, and Mena Monroe make an appearance in the film as Roberts ultimate ambivalence.

For the full interview click the link : Temporary Suspicion | Director Chair (Making the movie) - YouTube

Stream Temporary Suspicion Today and rate us on IMDB. To watch the full movie, click:

Watch Temporary Suspicion (2022) - Free Movies | Tubi (

Here's a statement from one of the Executive Producer's for Temporary Suspicion Roy Ju;

"My name is Roy Ju--I formally serve as a corporate executive leading risk management function at a large Fortune 100 financial company. I also consult and sit on the boards of various startup companies in addition to overseeing a few companies that I started, as well. It was a fortuitous coincidence that I met Dom. I signed up for modeling and acting classes in seeking out a new hobby (back when I lived in Columbus, OH). Dom was the substitute teacher for a particular class. We had a casual conversation at the end of class and have stayed in touch, ever since--the rest is history. Quite frankly, I never saw myself being an executive producer for a movie, but I am always open-minded to lucrative business endeavors. I've always been impressed with Dom and admired his prowess and creativity within this space. I'm thankful that Dom approached me with this venture. I looked forward to having an opportunity to set an example from the top in having two minority executive producers partnering together and proactively leading and promoting diversity efforts within the cast; I'm proud of what we accomplished with these efforts and hope that we can help exemplify diversity for the broader industry. The overall process was effective and efficient. I had a lot of trust in Dom's ability to lead and set a strong culture for the cast. I appreciated staying in the loop from a strategic and financial vantage point, throughout, while giving Dom the latitude to lead and execute and do what he does best."



Somethings cooking up, and its smells amazing! Not much information has been disclosed but we do know that the Emperium production team have completed the film of 'A Kid Named Bug: Season 2'. The project is now in post-production.



Friday, August 12th Emperium Studios hosted our 1st annual 'Back To School' drive with KIPP Columbus. The event turned out to be a success. 150 book bags with supplies were out of stock within 20 minutes. According to Dom Campbell, Director & CEO of Emperium Studios, ”Something we go by at Emperium Studios is the tagline We create our own luck…and a part of that means sharing that luck we create back to those in the community we come from or else what’s the point?”