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Emperium Takeover - Tis The Season

Goodbye 2022....HELLO 2023!!!

Hey Emperium fam, we have reached the end of a road, but it's just the beginning of a new leaf. 2023 is ahead and so many opportunities have arisen now that COVID restrictions are being lifted. Have you reflected on 2022? Have you begun your dream board? Have you written down any goals or plans? If not, what are you waiting on? You have 3 weeks! Now is a time to think about how you will turn it up a notch, remember your why and apply pressure.

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire." -Oprah Winfrey


Latest New's At Emperium Studios

'The Female Hustler 2' goes #1 on Tubi TV

After one week of its release, Dom Campbell's Crime/Drama film "The Female Hustler 2" hits number 1 in multiple categories on TubiTv. This makes the 2nd Emperium release that had an over whelming response from its audience. in 2021 when the original film 'The Female Hustler" was released, it wasn't until the 3rd week the reviews were through the roof. The film took Columbus, OH by storm and social media amplified the likeness of the project. Several posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter went viral; Over 200k shares between the platforms. People were surprised to see an urban driven movie distributed in a town where it hasn't been much success of films. The quality of the project was the most shocking. Fans awaited the sequel 1 year later with star Courtney Godsey, but this time she shared the stardom with A-List celebrity Jamal Woolard, and rising artist Miss Raindrop. As the story of the female hustler continues in the sequel, Princess (played by Courtney) battles betrayal in her business and a love interest who's seems to be hiding something. Director and Producer Dom Campbell quotes "The 1st movie was an accident, I wanted to do it right this time. My goal was to end the film with an opening for a 3rd installment or enough to make the audience satisfied if another movie was never made." Reviews are in and people are saying the film is a major upgrade from the 1st movie. From Talent performances to the technical team overall 'The Female Hustler 2" is an enjoyable experience. Stream both films on Tubi TV now.


'A KID NAMED BUG: Season 2' set to release 2023

Emperium's miniseries is back, and the show is set to release before spring 2023. Anthony 'Bug' Howard played by Dewayne Campbell travels to the future where everything has taken a turn for the worse. His family disappeared, and everyone at the agency he works for is evil. It's up to 'Mark' played by Baylor Zupancic to help get Bug back to his proper timeline. During this experience Bug finds out that Anthony Dain's character 'Director Frankin' is up to something unorthodox. The fans can expect 5 thrilling episodes to the second season of 'A Kid Named Bug'. There's also talks about a potential movie. Stay Tuned!


'Her Way' moves to post-production

The Romance/Comedy starring Detroit based actress Crystal The Dolland Ohio native DaLaun Young is now in post-production at Emperium Studios. Where all the editing magic happens. The project is set in recent times, Santana (played by Crystal) balance 4 boyfriends who play a part in the success of her start up business. The production takes a stab at 1997 film 'How To Be A Player' but with a female lead. Antonio Davis makes his directors debut with this project, marking his 4th project with Dom Campbell. The film is set to release in 2023.



After a successful trip to Santa Monia for the America Film Market the company have pivoted the direction for its upcoming releases. After the current slate is finished, Emperium plans to break out into the theatrical space. Developing and Producing films that are relevant, smart, and entertaining. Currently the company has partnerships with distributors that focus on VOD exhibition, so project will continue to be developed at that medium, however the primary focus is finding and creating compelling stories that are worth leaving the house for. The mission for the company is to centralize the Hollywood culture in the capital of Ohio. Revolutionizing the entertainment scene in the heart of Columbus by providing content that the global market responds to. New talent to break, new partnerships to make, and a new drive to make great projects. Stay tuned for the #EmperiumTakeover


We are still looking for potential Investors! Spread the word! We are also looking for completed film projects to connect with distribution. Fill out this form for consideration.

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