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Emperium Studios Wrap Production on New Thriller Film.

Emperium Studios a Tv/Film production company based in Columbus Oh, has been in business since November 2020. Founded by Dom Campbell an Ohio native, Director and Executive Producer who manages all of the motion pictures released from the studio. From the birth of the company to now four films have been released and have found commercial success which allows the company to continue development. One of the upcoming projects is an erotic thriller feature film titled 'Affliction: Toxic Misery'. A story created by Lee Foster an Entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio who wanted to try his hand at storytelling.

Affliction:Toxic Misery stars rising star James Perkins, Courtney Payne, and Judy Martin. In the film Perkins plays a real estate owner named Shawn Reed who lives with his girlfriend Ebony Woods played by Payne. Shawn Reed becomes distracted by Judy Martin's character Mercedes, a social media sensation, and he lies to Ebony to go visit Mercedes, but things don't turn out as planned. From the plot twist to the thrills the story will have you on the edge of your seat. James Perkins is known for his role in the hit series 'The Dirty D' among other Detroit films streaming on TubiTv and Amazon Prime. Dom Campbell scouted him out after seeing his talent and social media buzz. "We couldn't have found a better leading male to pull this role off" says Campbell. Courtney Payne started as a background actress in Emperium Studios comedy film titled 'Her Way', not knowing that she could command a leading role. When the casting auditions were announced for Ebony, Payne was one of the 1st three talents who submitted. It was said that she was considered the underdog among the other submissions, but to the producers surprise her audition tape was phenomenal. Judy Martin also got her start with Emperium's 'Her Way' film where she played the best friend of Santana portrayed by rising actress Crystal The Doll. Martin was a no brainer when it came to the personality needed to play Mercedes in Affliction:Toxic Misery.

The movie was filmed in Columbus Ohio, it took 16 days of principle photography. Emperium pride themselves on using local crew, and with each production the goal is to increase the production value.

With that being said Emperium is proud to introduce Noah Higgins feature film debut as Director of Photography. Higgins is a Cinematographer from Philadelphia PA, who recently settled in Columbus and has been taking advantage of the demand in freelance commercial work. Noah and director Antonio Davis collaborated to design the beautiful cinematic shots for

Affliction:Toxic Misery that couldn't have been pulled off without Gaffer, Jack Miller and his grip team. The entire crew for this film from sound, wardrobe, to make-up, pushed it to the limit, and everyone is excited for the world to see the magic created.

Emperium would like to thank Executive Producers Dom Campbell, Roy Ju, Mike Jennings, as well as OHD Studios, Scott Handel, David Jeffries, Elvis Funes, Jerry Ross, Jacob Gaus, Sean Anthony, Tyler Patterson, Nails by Ali, Club Princeton, Alley Burger, Ohio Media School, and City of Columbus for the support to make this film possible. The film is now in post production. No release date has been set yet but expect the project sooner than later.

For further updates on Emperium Studios, please visit the official website and subscribe to all relevant channels via

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