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Emperium Studios Gears Up for its 5th Feature Film “Tears for Tasha”

Updated: Jun 13

Columbus, OH, Release: March 3, 2023.

Great news! Emperium Studios, an American TV & Film production studio in Columbus, Ohio gears up for its 5th feature length film, with Emperium’s very own Actor turned Director, Sherard "Krash Minati" Pollard.

Dom Campbell, Director & CEO of Emperium Studios and Pollard join forces in collaboration forTears for Tasha”. This is Emperium’s second film to feature a new first time Director.

“Tears for Tasha” brings new actors to the Emperium Family big screen. Featuring Indya Chanelle, a rising American singer from Columbus, Ohio who makes her debut as Tasha. Ciera Angelia, an American actress, writer and producer from Detroit Michigan claims the role as Stacy, and Sean Anthony the host of “Sean Anthony Live” on Radio One’s WXMG 95.5 and syndicated talk radio show, Flow Of Wisdom with the Genesis Communications Network, claims the role as Fred.

The film will be produced by Dom Campbell and Roy Ju. Filming will begin March 6th-22nd in Columbus, Ohio.

Check out the film synopsis below!

“Aspiring singer Tasha is no stranger to the streets. At 18, she and her friends Monica and Jasmine are always up to no good, seeking thrills and excitement wherever they can find it. But,Tasha's hectic home life, marked by abuse from her stepfather and enabling mother Stacy, leads her down a dangerous path of reckless behavior and wild affairs. Everything changes one eventful day when Tasha confronts her stepfather.”

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