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Emperium Studios and Homestead Entertainment re-join forces for “The Female Hustler 2”

Columbus, OH, Release: May 26, 2022

This Summer, Emperium Studios, an American tv & Film production studio out of Columbus, Ohio and Homestead Entertainment, an independent film distribution company, are back at it again; this time with Emperium’s sequel “The Female Hustler 2”.

Dom Campbell, Director & CEO of Emperium Studios celebrated much commercial success after receiving a film distribution deal with Homestead Entertainment just last year for “The Female Hustler”. In the film, the main character Princess receives a golden opportunity through a surprise business venture that catapults her into the world of “hustling”. She uses the opportunity to save her brother and best friend from the dangers of the streets. However, Princess finds out that not all things are as they appear and that some things are too good to be true.

After being number one on Tubi streaming service, the film has generated quite a lot of buzz. According to Campbell, “All the questions people had in the first movie will be answered in this sequel– just wait". The Female Hustler 2 stars Courtney Godsey reclaiming the role of Princess’ and all original cast members– including two new bonus mates. Rumor has it that the film will feature a notorious new character, Jamal Woolard of “Notorious”(2009), as well as upcoming Female Atlanta rapper “Miss.Raindrop”, guaranteed to be a fan favorite.

“The Female Hustler 2” is set for release early Fall 2022 on Tubi TV. For more information on the film and future viewing dates please visit For further updates on Emperium Studios, please visit the official website and subscribe to all relevant channels via

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