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*SPOILER* Emperium's "Temporary Suspicion" Movie teaches us to be Grateful.

Sometime's you need to appreciate the life you live and those in it before you lose it all. Case in point, in Emperium Studio's newest release "Temporary Suspicion"-- a suspenseful thriller currently streaming on Tubi TV.

If you've watched the film, right away you see within the first few frames that Marketing Guru Robert Holding is having an affair. His wife is clearly suspicious about the sudden changed password and mystery text messages. As we fast forward and Mr. Holding is in his workplace, we discover that the mystery woman is his own Boss. On the outside looking in, you can tell that Robert is extremely confident, slightly even borderline cocky; after all, he has the nice home, great kids, loving wife, and amazing job complete with side action and a guaranteed promotion... what could possibly go wrong?

WHELP! Robert awakens from his lunch break to find his entire life that he had taken for granted completely shifted from under him. His Boss no longer knowing him, his job gone, car gone, wife no clue of who he is. The rest of the movies plot centers his fight to get the life back that he had so easily taken for granted. If only he fought this hard in the beginning! But, sometimes you don't know what you have until you don't.

If you haven't tuned in, check out Temporary Suspicion today to find out how the story ends. It's definitely a twist you would not expect. But whatever you take from this movie, the most important message of all is this reminder... "don't take anything or anyone in your life for Granted".

- Written By Hy-Deia Walker

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