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Emperium Takeover Volume 1

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Get to Know the Emperium Studios Team, and what's in the future for the company. For the full article click the link: Emperium Takeover Volume 1: Meet Emperium (


Meet Dom Campbell, CEO & Founder:

American Filmmaker from Atlanta, Ga. After studying theater at Columbus' Fort Hayes Metropolitan Center and Ohio University, Campbell began self educating in all aspects of the film industry. He then went on to produce short films and videos in Central Ohio. Campbell is currently working on building the studio culture in Ohio with "Emperium Studios".

Meet Hy-Deia Walker, Marketing Director:

Hy-Deia is from Rochester, NY but currently lives in Buffalo, NY. After getting a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Masters in Public Administration, Hy-Deia decided that community meant more to her. A self proclaimed "for the culture shifter", Hy-Deia is a freelance marketing consultant, metaphysical practitioner, and Cooperative business developer. She is currently working on growing Emperium Studios to the next level.

The Emperium Road Looks Booked & Busy!

We just wrapped up filming "The Female Hustler 2".

We're looking for Music for our "The Female Hustler 2" Soundtrack! Send tracks to!


We are still accepting Scripts for potential collaboration! Spread the word! We are always looking to produce new talent. Fill out this form for consideration.

Interested in joining our Emperium Cast & Crew Family?

  • Email us at your Headshots, full length shots and resume

What's up next: Emperium Takeover: Volume 2-- Meet The Cast & Crew! Stay Tuned for updates and thank you for subscribing to our network. It's up from here!

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